Preparing for University by Stephanie Aymerich

Preparing for University

If you are reading this, you have probably been through the application process, decided on a university and have finally confirmed where you are going to be studying.  If that is the case, then you probably have a thousand and one questions about your future university, from what to expect for freshers’ week, to who you will be living with and what you actually need to take with you to what will virtually be ‘your new home’.

If you are looking for a guide of what to pack to university, check my other blog entry!  If you want to know if the people that you will be living with are going to be like then one idea is to use social media to find out who else will be on your flat/house and get to know them to put yourself, your parents, and your future flatmates at ease. If you are coming to UWTSD joining one of our Applicants’ groups (Carmarthen, Lampeter or Swansea), is the perfect way to meet students starting in September.

Before you leave for university, make sure that you have a student bank account set up. If you have one, great! If you haven’t, stop putting it off – Banks love giving incentives to students, which means that you might get a free railcard, insurance or a NUS card. In case you don’t, an NUS card is something that is extremely useful as a student, you can get one online and have it sent to the university campus or do it once you get to the campus.

As for fresher’s week, expect many induction talks, in fact, you will get a timetable and guiden for them. Expect many events planned by your Students’ Union; you can have a look at what is planned on the Facebook page guides published here. If you are coming to the Lampeter campus, there will probably be an optional trip for you as well as a fresher’s dinner where you can meet your peers. During the fresher’s fair, all of our societies will be set up in one place so you can see what is available for you. Check out painting dublin website. I personally recommend that you join as many as you can during your first year as you might not have the time to do so later on during your time at university. Just remember that, once you have signed up for a society, you are welcome to go to their taster sessions and if you do not like what they have to offer then you do not have to remain as a member. Checkout for financial help.

On your moving in day, keep an eye out for the Fresh Buddies. They are current students of our university who have been through the same process, and have volunteered to help out new students during fresher’s week; they will guide you to the right place, help you find your way round the accommodation and will be happy to answer any questions you may have on your first day.

Remember that University is a place where you can learn many things about yourself and make friendships that will, hopefully, last you a lifetime.

Good luck

Steph x

UWTSD Student Ambassador