Surveys and League Tables, what are they and what do they mean?

1st in wales for learning community (NSS 2017)

You may have seen stats about the ‘university experience’ from various surveys and league tables in the media and online. These figures can be confusing to understand but can be helpful when choosing your course or university. Here we explain what some of these surveys are and where UWTSD ranks.

Not every university participates in every survey or league table except for the NSS (National Student Survey), but most surveys attract a wide selection of students from institutions across the UK.  The NSS is a survey of final year students studying at all Universities and Colleges providing Higher Education throughout Wales, England, Scotland and Northern Ireland. You will see the results of the NSS released each August, the results can also be seen on the Unistats website and on most course pages. This year, 126 Universities participated in the Whatuni Student Choice Awards and 116 took part in the Times Higher Education Student Experience Survey.

Whatuni Student Choice Awards (WUSCAs) 2018

The WUSCAs are Whatuni’s annual celebration of student satisfaction in higher education. The 36,000+ reviews received towards the 2018 awards showcase the student voice. This year we ranked:
11th in the UK for University of the Year (Whatuni 2018) 4th in the UK for Courses and Lecturers (Whatuni 2018)

“Here, you walk in and people are happy. At lunchtime people are happy. You go to the library and people are happy. My friendship group here all transferred from other universities, we all had a mutual feeling about this one” – Phebe Harrow, UWTSD student
6th in the UK for Student Support (Whatuni 2018)6th in the UK for Postgraduate provision (Whatuni 2018)
The Times Higher Education Student Experience Survey 2018 

This survey rates the best universities in the UK, as decided by current students. As well as ranking 7th in the UK for academic experience, UWTSD also ranked:
7th in the UK for Academic Experience (THE SES 2018) 4th in the UK for Tuition in Small Groups (THE SES 2018) Joint 4th in the UK for Good Personal Relationships with Teaching Staff (THE SES 2018)“I had a wonderful time surrounded by great people while in Carmarthen and I have improved my language and communication skills. All of my lecturers and friends are really helpful when it comes to assignments and projects” – Jennifer Manggie, UWTSD International StudentJoint 6th in the UK for Helpful / Interested Staff (THE SES 2018)Joint 8th in the UK for Good Support / Welfare (THE SES 2018)Joint 10th in the UK for Good Support / Welfare (THE SES 2018)


People & Planet University League Table

The People & Planet’s University League is the only comprehensive and independent league table of UK universities ranked by environmental and ethical performance.

UWTSD was awarded ‘First Class’ status in the People & Planet University League Table 2017.

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